Your ultimate guide to CBD gummies

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CBD can be taken in many ways, and a really popular way has become gummies. People love them because they are easy to add to your wellness regimen and they’re tasty.

The fact that CBD gummies became this big deal, we’ve found numerous amounts of products that add unnecessary ingredients to cut costs. These synthetic additives can do more harm to the body than the potential good of CBD.

Let’s take a closer look at what CBD gummies are used for and what to look for when shopping for high-quality CBD gummies.

First things first, what are CBD gummies?

Gummies, in general, took lead in the vitamin aisles, you can find everything ranging from children’s multivitamins to vitamin C chewie’s to hair supplements. Why? Because they are convenient, tasty and pretty much anyone can eat one.

Generally, CBD gummies are made of these ingredients:

  • Hemp Extract
  • Gelatin
  • Strong flavored juice
  • Sweetener

Once the juice and sweeteners are combined, the hemp extract and gelatin are added to the mix. The chewy texture comes from the gelatin as you might have guessed. There are actually many potential benefits to gelatin– this gel-like substance contains many essential amino acids that can help with the absorption of nutrients, including cannabinoids.

Are CBD Gummies Vegan?

Most on the market are not vegan because the gelatin is made from boiling skin, bones, and cartilage from animals. When you heat these elements up, they discharge a sticky, viscous liquid.

A lot of companies use gelatin in their CBD gummies, WE DO NOT! We at Primitive1 try to make sure everyone can incorporate CBD into their healthy lifestyle. Our gummies are formulated with one of the two following vegan alternatives of gelatin:


Pectin is a starch derived from the cell walls of plants. When you heat up the pectin with acid (juice) and sugar (sweetener), it actually begins to form a texture similar to gelatin. A lot of jams and jellies are made out of this plant-based source.

Agar Powder

This alternative is derived from marine and red algae. This vegan substitute makes gummies with a firmer consistency than gelatin. It can withstand higher heats than gelatin, so you don’t have to worry that much about it melting into a puddle during summer.

What you should be concerned about when buying CBD gummies?   

Like we mentioned before, a lot of companies cut corners, especially with CBD gummies. They add a bunch of other things like refined sugars, and artificial dyes that give the gummies a vibrant color.

If you read the ingredients on some of these products, you will be surprised how long the list is.

A rule of thumb, if the list is long and you have no idea what the ingredients are, it’s most likely not good for you.

8 Simple Ingredients

We at Primitive1 only use 8 ingredients in our CBD gummies:

  1. Organic Apple Juice
  2. Organic Stevia
  3. Pectin
  4. Organic Agave
  5. Organic Coconut Oil
  6. Citric Acid
  7. Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract
  8. CBD Isolate


To make our gummies a little sweet, we opted for organic agave and organic stevia instead of refined sugars, aspartame or sucralose. They add just the sweet kick needed to complement the tart flavor of the organic apple juice in our formula.  

Keep in mind, not all CBD gummies provide the same experience. Make sure you’re purchasing CBD gummies that are made with broad-spectrum hemp extract instead of solely CBD isolate. Broad-spectrum hemp extract contains many of the chemical compounds found in the hemp plant, minus the THC.

Together, these compounds work in what’s known as the entourage effect. This improves the bioavailability of CBD and improves your overall experience which is so important. While there are potential benefits of CBD isolate, you won’t get the FULL entourage effect.

Why use CBD Gummies?

There are countless reasons to try CBD gummies and adding them to your wellness routine. They are perfect especially if you don’t like to hold the CBD oil in your mouth or if you’re usually on the go, CBD gummies are perfect for you, just pop one in and you’re ready to rule the world.

CBD gummies are also a great way to get extended CBD throughout the day. Because when you are eating this, your body must digest the solid matter surrounding the hemp extract first. Consuming a gummy is almost like getting time-release CBD.

Why our gummies?

Aside from the fact that it’s vegan and organic, you should choose Primitive1’s CBD gummies because each of our delicious gummies contains 20mg of CBD. We achieved this by combining broad-spectrum hemp extract with CBD isolate—you get CBD along with additional cannabinoids.

CBD Gummies are actually the best edibles for absorbing CBD. With most CBD edibles, you need to heat up butter or bake a brownie. Applying heat to broad-spectrum extract may damage some of the cannabinoids in the mixture. There is very little heat involved when making CBD gummies.

When should you take CBD Gummies?

If you’ve decided to try our gummies, you’re probably wondering when is the best time to take them? Well, these edibles are perfect for helping maintain your calm before a big interview, or as you wait on a crowded train.

CBD Gummies are also amazing for relaxing before or after a long day at work. Come home and sit on the couch and enjoy a gummy while catching up on some of your favorite T.V shows or before reading a book.

Gift to Someone

CBD Gummies are overall just amazing, so tell your friends and family about it, take some to a family gathering, gift it to someone during the holidays or birthdays. We all know loved ones who can use a little calmness in their life and need to unwind. Our CBD gummies are THC-FREE  which means it won’t ever get you high, no matter how many you take.

Thank you for reading. 

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