Our Story


our Story

We started this whole thing because ultimately we are huge fans of the product first and foremost, we were using it before and we were trying a lot of different brands. We quickly realized the inconsistency of the market overall, we were always happy with the quality of some brands but the prices would be outrageous or vice versa. The idea for Primitive1 just kind of came out of nowhere, we were discussing some of the CBD we were taking and thinking we could do better, and that’s ultimately why we started, to give people a great product at a fair price.

We believe that people shouldn’t have to break their wallets just to find some peace of mind, so honest consistent product at a great price is the goal. A misconception is another big thing we see in the market, and the truth is, a lot is unknown about CBD because up until late 2018 it was illegal so there isn’t a massive amount of research done on it. We know from experience that the product works really well but don’t get fooled it will not cure anything you have.

This is our story and we’d love to hear yours and how you got started on CBD.

Thank You

Get to know us on a more personal level

Hey guys, we are the Co-founders of Primitive1. Our names are are Tyler & Damaris, we actually met in high school when I, Damaris was a Junior and Tyler was a sophomore, and have been together for almost 11 years. We live together in the Silicon Valley with our two cats and currently engaged to be married. When we’re not working we enjoy hiking, shopping and most of all, watching good tv shows and movies. We are huge coffee consumers and love to eat sushi, Mexican food, and Italian. 

Our sense of humor is weirder than most people and we’re ok with that. We have caring souls, and believe in spreading nothing but goodness in the world. We knew starting this business was not about us making money, we wanted to have one of the top products out there and affordable so everyone has the opportunity to try it. We don’t believe this to be a cure, we do believe it to be an amazing addition to your normal routine though.

Tyler and I believe in a more natural lifestyle, so CBD was a no-brainer for us. CBD products has given us a chance to live a more enhanced life and wish to share that with you guys. 

We hope you love our products as much as we do. 

-Damaris & Tyler