The difference between Hemp and Marijuana, and why it matters.

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Marijuana is the most commonly used species of the cannabis family, it is better known for its psychoactive chemical compound THC, this is what creates the “stoned” effect. While marijuana is still illegal in the united states, twenty-two states have legalized it for medicinal use, and only eleven of those states have legalized it for recreational use. 


Hemp is the lesser-known species in the cannabis family, it’s mostly used for industrial use like biodegradable bottles or hemp fiber. But, up until December 2018 hemp was still illegal nationwide in the US for consumer consumption or retail. While hemp has always been widely used, it wasn’t until recently that hemp was cultivated for possible medicinal benefits, due to its high amount of CBD and extremely low amounts of THC.

This is why you have probably seen the big boom of CBD products, this is also why there is still little research to prove any claims of CBD. Hemp does produce THC but so little of it that even if you consumed unfiltered hemp extract you would never get high. Most companies, like us at Primitive1, extract the THC to avoid any possible confusion or possible urinary trace. If you have spoken to anyone who has tried good quality CBD products like the ones we sell here at Primitive1, you have probably heard great things about it but, if you search the internet you can find countless companies claiming to be CBD at extremely high prices with horrible reviews. This is because hemp seed oil has been marketed as Hemp Oil and although hemp seed oil can be a good source of omega 3, that’s about all it’s good for, it does not contain any CBD or other cannabinoids. Most CBD products will be labeled CBD, hemp extract, Hemp Oil, or both. So when looking for a reliable company with good products always make sure to check reviews and ingredients. 

So what’s the difference?

So they both are heavily related but, Marijuana is mostly used for getting high but also has the possibility of having medicinal benefits like stimulating appetite, relieving discomfort from chronic pain and many other benefits. Hemp, on the other hand, produces high amounts of CBD and will not get you high due to the extremely low amounts of THC it produces. The cool thing is, Hemp still has all the other cannabinoids as Marijuana that can be beneficial without getting high. Think of Marijuana as the cool sister that likes to chill out and never takes anything too seriously, whereas Hemp is the more productive sister who still likes to chill out but understands when to work hard and get things done. They can both be very helpful for different reasons. 


So basically it all comes down to what you’re looking in getting out of cannabis. It is very important to determine your reason and make the right decision that best fits your needs.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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