How much CBD should I take?

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First time taking CBD? Perhaps you’ve tried it and didn’t feel anything? Well it’s quite possible you weren’t taking the right dose or the product you were trying didn’t have the kick you were looking for. It can definitely get confusing or even scary sometimes trying new product that you’ve never had before, especially something that’s fairly new to the mainstream market. No worries though let us be your guide on all your CBD questions. 

So first thing is, like anything it depends a lot on body mass, tolerance and what you expect from taking CBD. While taking any amount of CBD can have everlasting effects, taking small doses acts more as a silent ally in your body much like taking fish oil or another supplement, and higher doses yields more immediate results as in pain relief and euphoria.

So what exactly is considered high and low?

Let us say you’re a small individual whose maybe 5’6 125lbs, you could definitely get by taking 20mg as a starting point, and you could go up to 60mg per serving. As for bigger people upwards of 160lbs I would recommend starting at about 30mg of CBD and even going up to about 80mg per serving if needed. 


So what is the best way of consuming CBD?

This is another big question we get asked a lot and taking it orally is definitely the best option. You’ve probably seen multiple CBD companies online by now or at least have seen somebody promoting CBD and thought why do all these companies have these weird oil based tinctures? Well because using tinctures, the CBD absorbs within minutes of taking it orally and you are going to feel the wave of euphoria more than any other product. We also have CBD gummies, which is made with the cleanest all natural ingredients, making them a delicious treat with no guilt.

What’s different with Primitive1?

We’ve combined the best ingredients with our hemp extract to make our tinctures and gummies stand out and create the perfect flavor combination while also giving you the best results CBD has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Go to our shop and choose your favorite product and start enjoying the benefits of CBD today! 

Thank you for reading.

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